Taken in Beirut, Lebanon | 2009


Rayia Banjar

Rayia is a street photographer and the Co-Founder/CEO of 3rd action, Inc. Born on March 29th, 1986 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Rayia has earned a bachelor of science degree in International Business Administration from King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah in 2010 and Diploma in Photography from Shaw Academy, Dublin in 2016. Also, completed several professional training courses in project management, business development, self-management, and others. Rayia has been chosen for the International License for Entrepreneurship program as a grant of Bank AlJazira for 3rd action project as a specialized incorporation in Screenwriting and comics and earned the license certificate from King Saud University in 2017.

Although Rayia comes from a business academic background, she is sentimentally ambitious to express her ideas and vision and create her artistic re-touch in her photographs, as she believes art must be free from all rules that trammel. Her passion which started with photography grew into cinematography, as she believes that photographs can express untold stories.

Rayia has participated in a variety of international and local photography exhibitions since 2004. Her photography work has been published in numerous magazines and books.

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